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Buckin' Bullriders Series

The Buckin' Bull Riders series follows professional bull riders who compete on the National Bull Riders Tour (NBT).

Capturing the Bull Rider - Book #1 (previously titled Impact)

capturing the bullrider book cover

C-Squared Publishing LLC -January 24, 2015 (previously released by another publisher)

Professional bull rider Conner Raub hides a secret from the world. He’s a Dom. When he meets a submissive on tour who pulls at his Dom tendencies, he fights to deny his true self, believing his colleagues will condemn his lifestyle.

Jessica Talbot is new to the BDSM scene and the bull riding tour, but after seeing Conner come to the aid of a submissive being mistreated in a club, she sets out to have him for her own. After their first night together she asks him to train her to submit and he refuses, afraid to mix business with pleasure. But Jessica isn’t deterred. She’ll do whatever it takes to make him realize he can have it all—a career, true love, and the BDSM lifestyle he craves.

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Clover from Long and Short Reviews said: Ms Carr never fails to hit the spot and this well-written, angst and sex-fuelled plot is character driven and fully rounded. The story is told from both points of view which does work well for the genre. I enjoyed the bull riding elements, it was just enough to set the scene and help me visualize Conner yet didn’t overtake the story. Pick up Impact if you are looking for a BDSM story that’s professionally delivered and ticks all the boxes in and out of the bedroom. I’ll certainly be seeking out more of the Buckin’ Bull Riders series.

Erin from Sarah Says Read Romance said: Conner and Jessica's story is one filled with lust, sex and each of them give the other something they desperately need. After finding this was the first in a series I just couldn't wait to get my hands on all of them. Wonderful characters, an awesome read, and thanks to [I'm] a western fan.

Patti from Romancing the Book said: Connor Raub is one of those characters I wish I could peel off the pages of a book and have him come to life. He is amazingly sexy and has a great combination of characteristics that make him seem realistic. I will definitely be rereading this a few times and committing a few of those sexy scenes to memory. I am pleased that Jessica Talbot isn’t a soft character who lets others control her easily. I would recommend reading this if you want to find a smoking hot cowboy and a woman who is strong enough to catch and keep his interest. From beginning to end this man does not disappoint. I went to sleep at night wishing I was Jessica Talbot. The feeling I have after reading it is that I was just sad it was over.

Kimber from Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews said: Creme de la Creme pick!!! I loved every sexy bit of it - from start to finish. Although the story was steamy, fun, along with exciting; the characters are what drew me in and held on tight. Both main characters are very likable which adds to the enjoyment because you find yourself pulling for them as a couple. Yes, this is an erotic romance, but it’s one of the best written books I’ve read in a while. You know it’s a good book when the author can paint that picture for you and you feel like you are there experiencing it. Cassandra Carr is a new author for me and has been added to my auto-buy list.

Niina from For the Love of Reading said: 5 stars! Amazing novel! Perfect balance of riding bulls, attraction and naughty hotel room nights! This novel gives you a hot bull rider with a sexy controlling Dom side, Connor's a certified card carrying member of the male gender, hot as hell, bossy and protective and a true alpha male. I liked Jessica a lot, she was no ditz, but a cowgirl through and through, and watching her fall for Connor was so exciting. The BDSM side of this story was mild, and I loved it - I think a little spanking and domination gives the story some of that extra sizzle for the bedroom scenes, but there are lines I don't like seen crossed and this novel didn't. If you've never read BDSM spiced story before then this book won't scare you. Best one I've read so far!

Terri from Night Owl Reviews said: Top Pick! I found the characters really well written. They came alive and were made real. Secondary characters were introduced and with luck some of them will show up with their own books really soon. The life of a bull rider was done well. This book intrigued me from the synopsis. I just had to read it. Once I started, it was impossible to put down. I fell in love with the characters. I couldn’t wait to see what next. Curled in my chair I found myself glued to my kindle until the book was finished only to find out that I was up way past when I normally go to bed. I just couldn’t put this story down.

Amy from The Romance Studio said: 5 hearts! I may have spent my teen years in the west, but I never drooled over cowboys. But holey moley Conner could change all that. Not only was Conner a true alpha male, but the chemistry between him and Jessica is just plain hot. I know that this book is listed as BDSM, but I'd really say it's more elements than anything even remotely hardcore. Trust me though that doesn't take away from the spicy heat between them at all. I also enjoyed the story between Jessica and Conner, especially that Conner is able to have just as many issues, doubts and emotions as Jessica and still remain the Dom. This really is a great start to a new series, and I can't wait to read Brady's story in the next book.

Star from BDSM Book Reviews said: 5 paddles! I got hooked on Impact from the very beginning. It drew me in and made me ache for a little of what Jessica got. Impact will make you laugh and make you sweat as the pages in this book are scorching hot. Jessica knows she is interested in BDSM, and finds a local club to just watch for a while. First off, let me say I loved this. She is not getting into the lifestyle for a man – she is doing it for herself. That was a huge thumbs up for this story. I have to give this story a high rating because it was well written and sucked me in so well that I was late to work because I just had to finish one more chapter! Impact isn’t hard core BDSM, but there is enough D/s to make sure you know its there. Cassandra Carr developed two very realistic characters who face issues that most couples do when attempting to start a BDSM relationship. I highly recommend picking up this first book in the Buckin’ Bull Riders series!

AlexJouJou from Manic Readers said: Impact is a wonderfully developed story with complex characters who want, who try, who are seldom perfect but who never fail to get right back on that horse to give things another go. Jessica and Conner's emotional reactions to their journey are well described and you get an excellent sense of who they are, not just on the outside, but what is happening in their head. Those who fancy their BDSM more dominant/submissive (less pain and humiliation focused) and with a western flavor will enjoy the Impact of this ride!

Jennifer from Romance Novel News said: The chemistry between Jessica and Connor was undeniable – and quite sexy. Connor as a reluctant Dom appealed tremendously as a hero. I also loved how Jessica had to convince Connor that she truly needed his to be his submissive. Cassandra Carr’s “Impact” is a strong start to a new erotic series about professional bull riders – an intriguing profession for erotic romance heroes, especially those into BDSM. Carr has a knack for writing kink that will curl your toes.

Penelope from Kinky Book Reviews said: It’s a shame this story ended because it was so fascinating to read with its well developed character interaction, sizzling hot scenes, and interesting plot. To say I loved it would be an understatement. There is so much more about this story that I loved. The secondary characters and twists and turns had a natural flow that worked to enhance the story. Brady, Evan, Ryan, Tom, Wallace, Viola, Marco, and Paolo were so well written that I would love to see more of them in future reads.

Nix from Scorching Book Reviews said: Jessica is a fab character. Experimental, unafraid of her own sexuality and quite fearless when it comes to getting what she wants, I enjoyed reading her tale. I really really enjoyed the background settings of the rodeo; I love the competition, the grit and the camaraderie that goes with this event. Conner too was a fun character. A stubborn male who held fairly old fashioned beliefs about the roles of men and women, I didn’t mind that he saw himself as the protector (in fact, as a Dom, I’d have questioned if he didn’t!). With a rodeo backdrop and a host of gorgeous men lined up for the series, I can’t wait to see where she takes this next.

Liz from Fictional Candy said: This book is hot. I mean seriously, it is situation after situation and it is just…hot. For an erotic romance, this story will get you revved up and ready to go! The dance of getting to know you vs. I want you right now vs. I can’t imagine myself without you is so interesting and intriguing. The drama and tension that builds between them is ridiculously hot. I read this story in one sitting, unwilling to let it go. This story was fast paced and full of action, in and out of the bedroom…and supply closet, and RV… and, and… you get the picture. And on top of that the author did a fantastic job of really setting the scene outside of the erotic parts. I mean it ladies; this is definitely not one to miss.

Donna from You Gotta Read Reviews said: What do you get when you cross a good ol’ southern boy with a snooty yankie princess? An explosive chemistry that burns up the pages with scorching sex and steamy romance. Ms. Carr has written an engrossing story with a super sexy cowboy (is there any other kind?), a classy gold medalist, and a bunch of bulls. I loved the story. It was easy to feel the raw emotions shared by our hero and heroine, and I am looking forward to another story in this series. Ms. Carr’s Impact is erotic and emotional with characters that are sexy and down to Earth, even during the arousing sex scenes. The story is well-written with a very entertaining plot.

Tyra from Guilty Indulgence Book Club said: I found myself instantly drawn to both characters in this book and just could not put it down. I really enjoyed how spunky Jessica was and had to laugh at how she always seemed to be "topping from the bottom". Ms. Carr created a believable world with real characters you can't help but like and root for. The bull riding aspect was believable and exciting to read. For me this was a fun, sexy read and I am very much looking forward to the next book in the series Collision.

Amaryllis from Whipped Cream Reviews said: The prose is smooth and flows nicely. The sex is hot and descriptive. Can they find a way to share their love and live the lifestyle that Connor needs and Jessica is coming to need? You’ll have to read Impact to find out. In my opinion, it would be a great read for anyone who enjoys a straightforward BDSM love story with a bull-riding flavor. Rebecca from The Romance Reviews said: IMPACT is a delicious story of a bull-riding Dom. Nothing like a double whammy of alpha proportions! The allure of these characters balancing between total relationship disaster and true romance will keep readers flipping the pages wondering just what it is they want.

Rebecca from The Romance Reviews said: IMPACT is a delicious story of a bull-riding Dom. Nothing like a double whammy of alpha proportions! The allure of these characters balancing between total relationship disaster and true romance will keep readers flipping the pages wondering just what it is they want.

Danielle from Coffee Time Romance & More said: Impact is a good read. I found Jessica's determination to be the Sub for Conner exhilarating. Conner's fear of his two worlds colliding is realistic and a fear that I could very well see happening, especially in a profession that is so family oriented.

Vanessa from The Jeep Diva said: I loved Conner. He is the kinky, chatty, very sexy cowboy hero. I truly enjoyed the story. Conner was an interesting mix of alpha Dom, and caring sweet gentleman. Holy hell hotness, this is one hot book! Every single sex scene has a scorching intensity. I kept finding myself wondering what will this kinky cowboy do next.

Landing The Bullrider - Book #2 (previously titled Collision)

landing the bullrider buckin' bullriders book 2

C-Squared Publishing (June 6, 2016)>

Olympic Gold medal-winning figure skater Leah Fitzpatrick, dubbed “The Ice Queen”, is on the down slope of her career when she finds herself roped into a joint promo gig on the professional bull riders’ tour. She’s paired with “The King of Rodeo”, Brady Parrish, and although his looks could stop traffic, she’s got a future to worry about that doesn’t leave room for knocking boots with the sexy bull rider. No matter how hot he is.

Brady is living the good life. He’s at the top of his profession, and has no idea something is missing until the cool Leah is thrust into his life. But he sees something in her that hints at an underlying fire, and sets out to prove her nickname wrong. In the midst of their steamy affair, he falls hard. Blindsided by the potent combination of beauty and vulnerability Leah displays, Brady is determined to melt “The Ice Queen’s” heart.

NOTE: Previously released by another publisher.

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Erin from Sarah Says Read Romance said: Brady was everything I hoped and more. The chemistry between him and Leah was evident from the very beginning. It was nice to see the ever-so-confident Brady get flustered around Leah, the so-called Ice Queen. Cassandra does a phenomenal job at proving opposites do attract and sometimes you have to put trust in someone else in order to grow. Leah and Brady compliment each other well and things heat up quickly once they both let go. Loved the book, love the series and after this story, I love Brady even more.

Nix from Scorching Book Reviews said: 5 stars - Top Pick! The question I always I ask when I review Romance books is "Do I like the hero and heroine together?" Yes, I really did. They were quite adorable; he was constantly considerate to her needs and she became less uptight. They also had incredible chemistry; I have never ever had to write "I hated the sex" in a review of a Cassandra Carr book. To be honest, this book was good sexy fun that wasn’t filled with angst and drama. A fab book with some very smutty scenes and a cowboy who likes to tie up his lady friends and torture them with pleasure. Look out for the scenes where he turns on the seduction...yum!

Babs from Night Owl Reviews said: Top Pick! I was really surprised how well the book turned out.I love the two characters, opposites do attract each other. The banter between the two is humorous at times and others too hot to bear. The setting is remarkable considering all the places the tour takes the characters. In each setting you feel like you are right along with the tour yourself. The storyline flowed at the right speed; it is a page turner you will not want to put down.The book is just right not too long and not too short. You don't feel like the relationship is fast or forced like other books the same size. The best part of the book is seeing both sets of careers come together. Who would have though ice skating and the rodeo could come together and be the same?

Nikki from Close Encounters with the Night Kind Reviews said: 5 spiders! I can't say enough just how hot this book was. I really enjoyed the by-play between the characters and the sexual content. Their immediate attraction is understandable and their passion-filled nights are enviable. But it also has a great story. I admit I got choked up towards the end, but I won't reveal why. Brady was definitely my kind of guy!! Great read!!!

Niina from For the Love of Reading said: 5 stars! Oh I loved this book! I was excited to read this after Cassandra Carr’s last pro bull rider erotic romance novel Impact, and Collision didn’t disappoint! The characters were real, fun, witty and had great depth, which is why it was so easy to read, Collision is definitely character driven, and I loved it! I loved the juxtaposition of a rough and tumble pro bull rider and the ice queen of Olympic Figure Skating. Another pro bull rider gem from Cassandra Carr!

Rebecca from Guilty Indulgences Book Club said: 5 chocolate-dipped strawberries- Ultimate Indulgence Book Award! Carr's characters have spunk and charisma, something I've noticed in each of the three books I've read by her. These two together - Brady and Leah - burst from the pages with their chemistry. She effortlessly brings the story to life with realistic dialogue, descriptive imagery and steamy sex. This is a hot read you won't want to miss.

Rebecca from The Romance Reviews said: Cassandra Carr's characters have spunk and charisma, something I've noticed in each of the three books I've read by her. These two together - Brady and Leah - burst from the pages with their chemistry. She effortlessly brings the story to life with realistic dialogue, descriptive imagery and steamy sex. This is a hot read you won't want to miss.

Emily from Sensual Reads said: I thought the idea of this story was completely unique, a skater and a rodeo star, and it works. I liked that there is a lot more to Leah than what you initially see, she has worked hard and sheltered herself from getting hurt, but Brady sees through that and gets her to open it. I liked that Brady who is an all-around good guy is confused by his feelings for Leah. Wonderful read.

Liz from Fictional Candy said: I could not put this book down. This book is full of snarky fun, fabulous flirtation, hot and steamy sex, and an attraction to bring the biggest bull to his knees. It delivered on all counts of heat, romance, fun, and drama. Yeehaw ladies, you do not want to miss this one!

Alyn from Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews said: I really enjoyed this book and love the idea of the bull rider series. Something about a man that can hold his own on a bucking bull makes a woman think of that man bucking her in bed. Can we say steamy? Cassandra Carr has created a fun and flirty series that will leave you smiling and wanting more. Her cowboys are nothing less than sexy and charming and I love how determined they are once they realize they are head over heals. This is a quick and sexy rodeo that you won't want to miss.

Silla from Just Erotic Romance Reviews said: Collision is such an appropriate title for this fiery little book by Ms. Carr! Leah and Brady spontaneously combust the minute their mouths meet, but even when the two are in public on their tour the heat between them is scorching! And it’s not all sexual tension either, the banter between the lovers and a great and unique story line makes Collision a real treat to crash into. I really liked the distinctive character development in Collision – Brady could easily have been portrayed as a reformed playboy, but Ms. Carr wrote him as a real southern gentleman, honest, caring, protective and loyal. Leah’s character is great too, and I appreciated her efforts to fit into Brady’s completely alien world without complaint. Collision was a terrific love story featuring sexy characters, drool-worthy sex scenes and fun dialogue that readers will really appreciate.

Lexee from The Romance Studio said: Leah and Brady are extremely well written characters. They are real and everything that happens feels real. I was rooting for them to get together from the very beginning because I was already attached to both of them. I was hooked into this story from the beginning and didn't want to put it down. The storyline is very smooth and flows really well. I loved the action in this story and what happens. There is enough in this story to hold the reader's attention throughout without any problems. The dialogue is great in this story. There are definite parts that make me laugh. This book engaged my emotions throughout as I wanted laugh, cry, and even got mad at the characters. The sex is explicit and fairly frequent. I enjoyed it and it added to the story. Emotions have already been engaged at this point and they just strengthen from then on. I really liked the interactions between Leah and Brady as they learn about themselves and each other.

Jennifer from Romance Novel News said: I read the description of “Collision,” the second book in Cassandra Carr’s Buckin’ Bull Riders series and did a bit of a double take. A heroine who is an Olympic gold medalist figure skater and a hero who is a bull rider? I had trouble picturing such a pairing, but was also quite curious. I’m glad I made the effort to read this one because the hero/heroine pairing is unique, fun and seriously sexy resulting in a wonderfully entertaining erotic romance.This story surprised me quite a bit – in a very good way. Brady and Leah fit so well together – and the bull riding and figure staking careers meshed better than I could ever have anticipated. “Collision” is a hot story of two very different people who learn that opposites do attract, especially in the bedroom. If you’ve never read about a bull rider falling in love with a figure skater, I suggest you give this one a try.

Karia from Nocturne Reads said: I really liked Brady Parrish in the first Buckin' Bull Riders story, Impact. As the reigning Rodeo King , Brady has it all: the looks, the charm, the sex appeal, the talk and most of all the walk! With his slow Texan drawl and his easy manner, it was hard not to fall for Brady. From their first meet cute in New York City to their first non-date, Brady and Leah exude smokin' chemistry. I loved how Leah's internal dialogue expressed her volatile emotions, yet Brady's thoughts kept niggling at him that Leah wasn't as affected as he was: Perhaps she really is "The Ice Queen"?

Heather from Sizzling Hot Book Reviews said: I enjoyed Collision a great deal due to the passion and intensity that each character possessed. The plot was well written and the back story of each character was as thorough as one can possess in a novella. So before you sit down to read Collision, be forewarned that once you start reading read it, you won't be able to stop until the end has arrived. Collision is perfect for fans of erotica who love stories about an unlikely pair coming together.

Vanessa from The Jeep Diva said: I loved Brady. He was the hot factor that was needed to melt the Ice Queen. I just loved these two. They were so perfectly matched. This is one hot book. Brady and Leah are smoking hot together. Collision easily works as a stand-alone. Conner and Jessica have a minor role and are present. Nothing that happened in Impact is presented here that makes having read the first necessary to read this book.

Taming the Bullrider - Book #3 (previously titled Momentum)

taming the bullrider buckin' bullriders series book 3

C-Squared Publishing (February 3, 2016)

Marco D'Allesandro has a destiny he wants no part of-running his family's olive oil empire. He's the oldest son and has been groomed for the job since he was a child. But after attending a professional bull riding event, Marco is hooked.

Against his family's wishes, he moves to America to pursue his dream of becoming a professional bull rider. Now he's at the pinnacle of his career, but his family makes it clear it’s time he did the responsible thing and came home. They view his bull riding as a lark, rather than Marco’s chosen profession, and no matter how much success he enjoys, he can’t change his family’s opinion.

Things only get more complicated when he meets Natalie Webster, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed angel who's got problems of her own. Their chemistry is explosive from the beginning, but Natalie’s situation in life and Marco’s continued battle with his family threaten to tear them apart. Neither of them was looking for love, but might have found their true destiny in each other.

NOTE: Previously released by another publisher.

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Donna from You Gotta Read said: Momentum is a romantic tale of modern day heroes rescuing damsels in distress. It helps when the hero is wearing cowboy boots and hat and has a sexy Italian accent, too. The characters are lovable, the setting is well defined, and the sex scenes are yummy.

Vanessa from The Jeep Diva said: 5/5 stars! There was just something about Marco that had me loving him from the very beginning. Marco is so charismatic and sweet. He oozes charm and is a helpless flirt. I just loved reading him. Them not seeing eye to eye on certain things and Natalie seeing Marco’s caring protectiveness as overbearing and domineering makes for some great tension. Great tension leads to amazingly explosive sex scenes in my opinion. Oh this is one hot book. I also liked the way things worked out with the family problems. It was not the perfect, everything for the best, we are all happy now solution I figured was coming. The resolution that happened seemed much more real world appropriate though.

Jet from BookDevoteeReviews said: 4.5/5 stars! You can never really go wrong with a Cassandra Carr read. The characters had personality and even the supporting characters leapt of the page without intruding on the main storyline.

Terri from Night Owl Reviews said: 4.5/5 stars! Top Pick! Family drama, desperation, hot sex and bully riding are some of the things that will draw you into this story and keep you there. Expect to see hot cowboys, lots of bull riding, sizzling sex and family relations that aren’t always the norm. I absolutely love this series and this book is a great addition to it, even though I couldn’t figure out how Ms Carr was going to make me fall in love with an Italian cowboy, she not only did but did it well.

Romancing the Bullrider - Book #4 (previously titled Velocity)

Romancing the Bullrider buckin bullriders series book 4 cover

C-Square Publishing (February 3, 2016)

Paolo D’Allesandro has been living in his older brother Marco’s shadow. But he’s getting older now and realizing he and Marco don’t want the same things. He’s not sure what his next step is, but knows he needs to quit riding to figure it out.

Savannah Harrington is a grad student working on a thesis about adrenaline junkies, and she’s joined the bull riders’ tour to study the men and their motivation to willingly take part in a dangerous sport. She meets Paolo and both feel an instant connection. She can’t stay away from the sexy Italian and his mind-numbing skills in the bedroom, but knows the relationship can’t last.

Both wish their circumstances were different, but Paolo doesn’t think he has anything to offer Savannah, and Savannah doesn’t want to pressure Paolo into another life decision that will make someone else happy, but not fulfill him. As her time to go back to school draws closer, they need to figure out how to get their highest score yet—in the game of love.

NOTE: Previously released by another publisher.

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Donna from YouGottaRead Reviews said: Velocity is a wonderful story about overcoming all the obstacles in the way and making love work. The characters are wonderful with unique personalities and insecurities. The setting is as quaint as a hometown rodeo. The plot is engrossing, and the the ending is a happy ever after.

ELF from Night Owl Reviews said: Written with the author’s usual dexterity for creating an engaging and spicy tale, this heartwarming story reminds the reader of the importance of being true to oneself and following one’s own dream, not someone else’s. The added twist of the challenges faced by an immigrant to the country gives depth to the story and makes one hopeful that there will be additional cameos by this engaging pair in future tales. Glimpses of the stars of the previous three books in the series help tie them all together yet this title can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Another fun read.

Annette from Rom Fan reviews said: I would suggest picking this one up and giving it the ride, sorry, read it deserves and before you know it time will pass and you will still be engrossed in the story until you have well exceeded your 8 seconds and have found yourself at the end of the book. I look forward to reading more from this talented writer.

Vanessa from The Jeep Diva said: Be sure to have a fan ready. This is one hot read. Paolo may not always have the right words, but that sexy Italian had all the right moves to keep Savannah begging for more.

Michele from Ms. Romantic Reads said: I really liked this story. I sighed and aww’d a lot, I’ll tell you that. I thought the plot was sweet and hot all at the same time. I haven’t read the previous books in this series, so I’m not sure if Marco and Paolo have made an appearance before, but I didn’t feel like I was missing any pertinent background information to fully enjoy this story. I loved the characters in this story. They could have all been really cliched to add extra drama, but I’m glad the author stayed away from that. Ms Carr knows how to write excellent [sex] scenes. An added bonus was the humor laced throughout. Savannah had a few great lines. And even though this is a series, I loved the ending. No ridiculous cliffhanger. Just a good old fashioned HEA. I will definitely read this book again and again.

Carin from My Reading Obsession said: Velocity while book 4 in the Buckin' Bull Riders series is a stand alone novel and can be read as such. Cassandra Carr gives us a great story that last a bit longer than 8 seconds but is nearly as exciting. I loved the way Ms. Carr was able to work in Paolo talking dirty in Italian and the way that Savannah doesn't jump right into sex with Paolo he has to take a little time with her. We are treated to a truly wonderful story about a man finding himself and finding the self confidence he needs to go after what he really wants in this life. I love that Marco and Paolo are so devoted to each other and the secondary characters of the other bull riders give us fascinating insight into some of the personalities of the men who ride wild animals for fun and profit.

Joder from Words of Wisdom from the Scarf Princess said: Cassandra Carr has become an author I can rely on to entertain and with Velocity she has me dying to read the previous books in this series as I instantly fell in love with this one. This book isn't all about sex though as the very real issues that plague Paolo are brought to the forefront. Ms. Carr has created another winner with two immensely likable characters dealing with real life issues in a reasonable way while nicely retaining some super sexy interactions. Not having read the other books in this series in no way diminished my enjoyment of Velocity. It instead has heightened my desire to read the others and keeps Ms. Carr on my list of go-to authors.