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Buffalo Intimidators Series

The Buffalo Intimidators series follows a hockey team who have menage relationships.

Head Games

head games buffalo intimidators series book 1

Leo Laporte and Scott Schaeffer are teammates on the ice and roommates off it who also share women. They've been coming into Kelly Chase's bistro after games for months, and they know they want her. As the attraction grows, the men realize they want more than a one-night stand - they want forever.

Kelly's not so sure. Yes, she wants both men. But a permanent ménage relationship? That's taking giving her heart away to a whole new level, and a chance she's hesitant to take. Then Leo is injured and Scott's on the trading block, and she realizes this may be her only shot at true, everlasting love.

There are so many questions swirling around inside Kelly's head. Can she believe in Leo and Scott's love? And will her business and her reputation survive once people find out she's with two men?

Read a Deleted Scene - 18+ Only Please!

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Lady Raven from The Forbidden Bookshelf said: 5 stars! I happen to enjoy hockey, so I was pleasantly surprised by this story. Most romances, especially erotic romance, are about other sports, but not hockey. The author did her research. Some of the secondary characters were sweethearts and I wouldn’t mind reading about them in the future. One thing the author portrayed quite well was how fast things can go viral in cyberspace. I am looking forward to reading more about others on this team and will be reading this book again.

Ruby from Ruby Redfire Reviews said: 5+ stars! I’ve read quite a few ménage books but they were missing something for me but Cassandra had it all the angst and uncertainty of going into something that isn’t the norm, or accepted by society. Cassandra covers every angle for me. You have two hot Alpha athletes, a woman who wants them both but is unsure, and hot sex. Cassandra is up there with Maya Banks. If you've read her books you'll love this.

Jet from Book Devotee Reviews said: This is a prime example of how a ménage should be written. It isn’t overdone or cheesy. The characters each have a personality all of their own which leaps off the page. The way Kelly reacted after her first steamy encounter with Scott and Leo was realistic which is what I liked; she didn’t just jump on board with the plan or be accustomed to it right from the start. This is my first Cassandra Carr read and I loved it. I devoured this in one sitting, unable to tear myself away from the story even if my life depended on it, the steamy romps between the three were written perfectly and the plot flowed and was easy to keep up with. If someone hasn’t been introduced to the ménage genre before, this would be a good starting off point.

Nix from Scorching Book Reviews said: Hot heroes? Check! Hot sex? Check? Sports stars? Check! All in all, there wasn’t a lot not love! The heroes were yummy! I like the way this author writes sex; enough detail to get your pulse racing but with enough left out that your imagination has to fill in a few blanks (my mind may have taken a slightly perverse turn at the freedom……:D) This was a very good example of ménage erotic romance.

The Scarf Princess from Words of Wisdom Reviews said: From the steamy sexual interludes to sexy hockey players I enjoyed this story from first page to last. The ruggedness of the game intrigued me and I long to see more from the world of the Buffalo Intimidators. Hopefully Ms. Carr plans to keep the game going for a long time to come since I don't want my first taste of these players to be my last.

Dahlia from Whipped Cream said: This story isn't your typical after one night of hot sex leads to a happily-ever-after. There are barriers, and lots of exciting sex scenes with two gorgeous guys who complement each other very well in the looks and personality department. Tall, dark, and handsome Leo with an aggressive alpha-male attitude, while Scott has a charming personality and golden-god looks to match. In between all that male goodness is Kelly with her curvy figure and girl-next-door personality, which I found to be very appealing heroine traits in this story. Great story, great characters, and great start to a new series. If you like ménage romance stories, you'll enjoy this story!

Shannnon from Cocktails and Books said: The story was enjoyable and hot as all hell. For those of you who may be a bit squeamish about having sex near prep areas and cooking appliances...take this as your warning!

Mary from Naughty Whispers Reviews said: I had a great time reading this story. The romance was endearing and Cassandra Carr convinced me with her choice of characters. Head Games is a story about a woman scared to have an open ménage relationship with two men. Head Games will put upfront all the fears that an average woman would experience. What I liked in the romance is that both guys did not fall in a blink of an eye in love with her.

Cary from Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews said: What is there not to love about two professional hockey players hanging on your every word? Scott and Leo are goal keepers for a professional hockey team who have set their sights on bistro owner, Kelly. And I must say she is one lucky girl. You have Leo who is the definition of tall, dark, and yummy, and blonde Adonis, Scott. With night and day personality’s you have enough to keep a girl on her toes. Kelly reminds me of the woman next door who has confidence issues. She comes across has very real with the same worries I would have if I was in her shoes.

Ronda from Queentutt's World of Escapism said: The story’s plot is well written to show the drama of struggles and conflicts of entering a ménage relationship and to top it off, a great perspective from both sides of the relationship where the hockey players, Leo and Scott, have to deal with fame and political issues from their careers as well as the female, Kelly, who owns a successful restaurant. The author truly captured the emotions between the three as they experienced the stressors of dealing with their careers and how society accepted a ménage and whether they would let it control their lives.

Testimonials for Head Games:

There’s no ice and a lot of fire in Cassandra Carr’s hockey hero ménage. - Jami Davenport, author of Fourth and Goal (Loose Id)

Cassandra Carr scores a winner in this hockey ménage! - Sofia Hunt, author of Riding the Circuit (Siren Bookstrand)

Cassandra Carr writes hot hockey heroes! Love Scott and Leo! - Kelly Jamieson, author of Faceoff (Ellora's Cave)

Leave your skates at home and grab a swimsuit…this story is hot enough to melt ice. - Stacey Kennedy, author of Bind Me (Loose Id)

Can a menage really work? Cassandra Carr gives us a sizzling affirmative in Head Games. - Gem Sivad, author of Perfect Strangers (Ellora's Cave)

Head Games is erotic hockey romance at it’s finest! Cassandra Carr knows her stuff when it comes to hockey and the story she weaves in Head Games pulled me in from the first page. Scorching hot and wonderfully romantic. I couldn’t get enough of Ms Carr’s sexy goalies. And what yummy things they can do with apple pie! Can’t wait for the next Intimidators book. Cassandra Carr is now an auto-buy for me. - Isabo Kelly, author of Brightarrow Burning (Samhain Publishing)

Cold As Ice

cold as ice buffalo intimidators series book 2

Book 2, Cold As Ice, released in e-book format on March 7, 2012 and in print in July 2012.

ISBN #: 1-61926-417-X

Luc, Carter, and Jake make up the Buffalo Intimidators' top scoring line. Each of them is also a client of massage therapist Eva. When they decide they want to be more than clients, they approach her. Eva's been secretly lusting after the guys for months but was afraid to say anything, trying to keep everything on a professional level.

She agrees to a menage relationship, but when people on the team start getting sick, will it turn into more than a fun roll in the hay with her hockey boys?

2012 best book2012 best book nomineesiren bookstrand bestseller

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Rhayne from Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews said: Recommended Read! This book is definitely written by a hockey fan. The locker room banter, talk of pranks between the players, the details of the points and playoffs were genuine. There is a secondary story line apart from the bond forming between the guys and Eva. I liked this aspect. Not only is it an issue that I am sure is common among professional athletes; it added another layer to this story. Ms. Carr definitely knows how to melt the ice with her scorching sex scenes. She does a great job describing the setting. Even though there are a lot of body parts getting tangled together, it flows well and there is no question as to whose dangly parts are where. I can’t wait to see how this series continues.

Tiffy from The Romance Reviews said: 5 stars! Kudos to Cassandra Carr for weaving the controversy regarding performance-enhancing drugs being used by sports professionals into her novel. It's obvious Ms. Carr is a devoted ice hockey fan. I loved the way she included such tidbits about pranks played on teammates, locker room repartee, and the fast paced play on the ice during games. If you're a hockey fan, ready to delve into a ménage a quatre, you won't want to miss this book.

Jet from BookDevoteeReviews said: You haven’t read a good ménage or quatre as it were unless you’ve read a Cassandra Carr, this was in fact my first quatre read and I very much enjoyed it, the steamy scenes are so well written and never too graphic but never leave you feeling disappointed. Out of the three men, I think Jake might have been my favourite...or maybe Carter, who am I kidding is it impossible to pick just one! I liked how all the characters meshed well together and each had their own personality that leapt off the page. It was also nice that the characters from the previous book “Head Games” also got a mention. I devoured this book in one sitting, I couldn’t stop reading.

Mary from Mary's Naughty Whispers Reviews said: I am not sure I can really say that I enjoyed this or this better: characters or story. Both were really nicely written. It was endearing to read each guy seducing her one by one. It was like mini love stories inside the big one. I also enjoyed the parallel story about taking supplements.

Liz from FictionalCandy said: I really enjoyed this bit of very erotic romance. I imagine it must be difficult to write a menage a quatre and have it be romantic and believable all at the same time. Cassandra Carr did just that with this story. If you are into menage stories, then you definitely must give this one a try. I really loved that this book wasn't just sex scene after sex scene. There's a lot of story behind it, and you really feel like you've left the book getting a peek into someone's life. I did not read the first book in the Buffalo Intimidators series (but definitely will after reading this!), but I didn't have any problem keeping up or finding my place in the timeline when previous characters were mentioned.

Nix from Scorching Book Reviews said: I have read a few M/F/M/M stories before and I’ve found them hit and miss. Often, I find the story convoluted and the characters two-dimensional and nameless because there are simply too many people for me to keep up with. This story didn’t feel like that at all! I liked Eva immensely and managed to keep the men’s characters straight, making this little tale all the hotter. The reason that I managed to keep the men (mainly) straight was due to the scenes where they “seduce” her separately. These scenes were fun, sensuous and very bloody useful. Eva was the making of this tale to me. Yes, the men were all dream hunks who I’d be happy to drop skirt for, but it was Eva that kept me engaged with the emotion of the story.

Lady Raven from The Forbidden Bookshelf said: One thing I did like that Ms. Carr did in this book, was detail the dangers of taking supplements without a thorough investigation of any problems that may be associated with them. The fact that the players blindly took them because it was recommended by the team doctor is a problem that has come to light in professional sports. Readers also get a glimpse of what happens in professional hockey and the toll that relationships for professional athletes may take. The emotions that come through after an incident show this fact very well. I am looking forward to reading about the rest of the team.

Dawn from Day Dreaming blog said: One thing Cassandra Carr is good at is making her characters loveable, funny, and believable. She does erotic romance with a sports theme that any woman would love to read…sexy and provocative without pushing too many limits. This is book #2 in the Buffalo Intimidators and it just keeps getting hotter and hotter. I can't wait for more, but the ice rink better turn up the cooler ‘cause these boys are gonna melt the ice they are so hot!!

Nikki from Close Encounters with the Night Kind said: I would like to start this off by saying I am jealous. Extremely. I would love to be Eva!! Can you imagine 3 hot hockey studs that all want to be yours and they are willing to share? So I am drooling as I am reading, thinking about how freaking lucky Eva is and how I would like to switch places with her. It was a good read, especially if your reading and thinking about how you could actually pull something like this together in real life.

Penelope from Kinky Book Reviews said: This is the second of the ‘Buffalo Intimidator’ series written by Cassandra Carr and I highly recommend reading it along with the 1st of the series ‘Head Games.’ I personally feel that writing a menage a quatre scene is the most difficult erotica to write so when I say that Cassandra Carr puts the O in orgasm I’m not kidding. The actual plot and sub plot was well written and engaging. The author took an issue that professional athletes already face and wrote a story that had me turning the pages to find out how it would all work out.

Heather from The Book Reading Gals said: There is a lot going on in this story, there is something going on with the players on the team and several of them are ending up in the hospital with series health issues. The relationship between Eva and the boys is in constant demand, because not only does she have to deal with them all being together, but also making sure to foster an individual relationship with each of the guys. I have to say that I really enjoyed this story and can’t wait to see what she has in store for the rest of the team. Grade B+

Double Vision

double vision book 3 buffalo intimidators

Book 3, Double Vision, released in e-book format on September 12, 2012.

ISBN #: 978-1-62241-565-6

Everything Red knew about relationships is called into question when he stumbles upon his roommate Fredrik and his girlfriend Liz going at it hot and heavy and Liz invites him to join them. Struggling with recovering from a knee injury, the young defenseman doesn't know what to make of his attraction to Liz--after all, she's his teammate's woman, right?

As an older player, Fredrik's been around the rink a time or ten, and he knows he has an awesome thing going with Liz. He envisions a future with her, but isn't sure how their interludes with Red fit into the long-term picture.

Liz thinks Fredrik's her forever-guy, but her sudden attraction to Red is causing doubts. The more they play together in the bedroom, the more their outside lives--and emotions-- become entangled. When the unthinkable happens, all three must take a hard look at what they want and make some surprising decisions in the process.

siren bookstrand bestseller

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Tiiffy from The Romance Reviews said: 5/5 stars! Top Pick! I just love those Buffalo Intimidators! I just loved the way Ms. Carr develops Rick's character. Ms. Carr manages to create quite a drama between a 23 year old's libido and his vision of how life should be. It's sweet, funny, and you can't wait to see which way Rick will jump! DOUBLE VISION is sexy, funny and you'll never guess the ending in a million years!

Jet from Book Devotee Reviews said: 4.5 out of 5 stars! This may just be my favourite Buffalo Intimidators installment yet. A ménage can be written badly, it can be written well or it can be done the Cassandra Carr way, which is just the way I like it. I would give this read four and a half stars.

Rhayne from Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews said: 4.5 out of 5 stars! This story starts out blazing hot and never lets up. I loved how honest this story was. Ms. Carr has a great talent for writing erotic scenes that leave you needing a fan and a drink. An erotic, sultry, sexy tale about three people who know what they want, but not aren’t exactly sure how to make their fantasies a reality. If you’re looking for a fast paced, extremely hot and sexy, intense read you won’t want to miss out on this one.

Joanna from Book Love Reviews said: 5 out of 5 stars! I think seeing a hero struggle with a menage relationship is what grabbed me most about the book. The awkwardness after the first encounter and the guilt he deals with is so touching.

Nix from Scorching Book Reviews said: This was a sexy short that ticked most of my boxes. With a good cast of characters, some incredibly hot sex, a myriad of sexy sportsman and a good amongst of angst, I enjoyed this one immensely! Can’t wait for the next one!

Lori from QueenTutt's World of Escapism Reviews said: 5 out of 5 stars! Cassandra Carr has successfully blended hockey with an emotionally charged love story. I thought Red’s difference in age compared to Fredrik and Liz added depth to the story. Double Vision can definitely be read as a stand alone. Having enjoyed this book so much, I’m adding the first two books of this series to my to-be-read pile.

Niina from For the Love of Reading said: The story was bit of a different ménage tale as Fredrik and Liz were already a couple. I also found Fredrik's enthusiasm watching Liz and Red a huge plus. The romance was slow to start but that suited the story, it was lot about sex until things begun to deepen for everyone. I enjoyed Double Vision a whole bunch and once again Cassandra Carr proves she writes awesome stuff!

Liz from Fictional Candy said: I’ve read (and loved) a bunch of books by Cassandra Carr. Double Vision is no different in that regard. I just couldn’t put the book down. The sex scenes were very hot in this story, very much up to par with Cassandra Carr’s usual work. She definitely did not let me down this time.

Dawn from DayDreaming Blog said: I love the drama that Ms. Carr has created with these characters, she makes it so you can believe their struggles and feel their passion for each other. While this book could be read on its own as a menage story, you get so much more out of it by knowing the team and character dynamics. I recommend this series to anyone looking for a HOT menage novella series. Cassandra Carr shots and SCORES with this third installment of the Buffalo Intimidators!

Michelle from Seductive Musings Book Reviews said: 4.5/5 stars! I'm a big fan of the Buffalo Intimidators series, not only for the satisfying portrayals of committed multiple partner relationships, but also for how they are seamlessly incorporated into the daily lives of professional hockey players. My own knowledge of hockey is minimal at best, yet for me, Cassandra Carr successfully conveys the level of personal commitment required for a player to remain at the top of his game without shirking his responsibilities to his teammates. I also love how she manages the level of suspense for whatever external dilemma might be required to bring around the partner still unsure about the relationship. When that moment arrives for Fredrik, Liz and Red, this perfect level of exposition results in a most satisfying ending.