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Capturing the Bull Rider- Deleted Scene

Sliding into the booth at the diner, he smiled at the waitress as she set a coffee cup in front of him. “High test?”

“Definitely. Why bother drinkin’ coffee if you’re not gonna get the benefit of the caffeine?”

“A man after my own heart. Do you need cream or sugar?”

“Nope, I take it black.”

“I gather from your cowboy boots, western shirt and Stetson you’re in town for the rodeo?”

Conner grimaced. People often mistook the bull riding tour for a rodeo, but it wasn’t. For one thing, there was only one event – professional bull riding. And he and the other riders took what they did very seriously; there was a lot of money to be had in bull riding if you were good.

“Actually, ma’am, it’s a professional bull riding competition. A rodeo has a lot more events like calf tying and bronco racing. We’re all professionals – we do this for a living.”

“Is that right? Must’ve been where you got all your muscles,” she answered, giving him a once-over.

Normally he would’ve had her number in his pocket by now – she was certainly pretty enough, but he felt no attraction to her whatsoever. “Thanks, but they come from hard work on my ranch.”

Brady walked in then and Conner was surprised at the relief washing over him. The server took one look at Brady and practically drooled onto her order pad. “Well, hello. Your friend and I were just talking about his muscles, but I see I should’ve waited for you.”

Brady lifted an eyebrow to Conner and he shrugged.

“Just hard work, ma’am.” Sliding into the booth, he eyed Conner’s coffee cup. Finally the server seemed to snap out of her trance.

“Oh, sorry! I’ll go get you a cup.”

Brady nodded and turned to Conner as she left. “A little young for you, isn’t she?”

Conner held up his hands. “I swear I didn’t say anything. She started talking and I was just being polite. I’m not interested in her.”

She returned with Brady’s cup and the pot. She leaned over the table, displaying her ample breasts to them. “Do you like it the same way as your friend?” Conner almost spit coffee all over the table as she blithely threw out the double entrendre.

“Caffeinated is great, thanks.” He opened his menu and the server left. Conner could swear she was pouting. When she was out of earshot he repeated, “The same way as my friend? Subtle.”

They both chuckled. She sashayed back over a few minutes later to take their orders and Conner could swear her skirt was shorter than it’d been before. When neither responded to her flirting she flounced away in search of a more willing victim.

“I pity whoever she gets her claws into,” Conner said.

“Dude won’t know what hit him,” Brady agreed. “How’s your shoulder after last night?”

“Sore. I’ll ice it down and take a coupla ibuprofen before I ride.” Taking another sip of coffee, he let the scent of the strong brew relax him.

The server arrived with their food and further conversation came to a halt as she dropped of their plates and re-filled their coffee. “You boys need anything else, be sure to ask for Jackie.” With a toss of her hair and a swing of her hips, she left.

Brady rolled his eyes. They ate in silence until Brady leaned back in the booth and ran his hand over his belly.

“So how’s Jessica? You feelin’ possessive yet? Is the great Conner Raub falling?”

“Shit, I dunno,” Conner answered, scrubbing a hand down his face. “I’m incredibly turned on by her, that’s for sure. I like her. She’s got spunk. She challenges me.”

“So are you’re doin’ that BDSM stuff?”

“Yeah, sort of.”

“Does she call you Master and shit?”

“No.” Conner smiled. “I dunno if I’ll ever have my sub call me Master. Kinda makes me wanna laugh.”

“I can see why. I think it sounds kinda ridiculous myself.”

“Anyway, how did we get on this topic? I don’t wanna talk about my sex life right now. Let’s concentrate on riding those bulls hard tonight, making some money, and getting outta town in one piece.”

Brady raised his coffee cup. “Amen to that.”