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Collision - Deleted Scene

Brady struggled to stay awake. After the orgasm Leah had just wrenched outta him his body was screaming at him to sleep, but his mind wanted to experience all she was willing to offer. He knew instinctively if he fell asleep now he might never again have the chance she was seemingly giving him tonight, and he wanted her – all of her.

The thought of being the first guy to take Leah that way gave him an adrenaline rush on par with a great ride on a bull. Refreshed and raring to go, he sat up. No way was he going to let this opportunity pass him by.

His mind flashed to the point when he’d spread her luscious globes, baring her to his gaze, and his cock hardened painfully. He could hardly wait to get started, but knew he’d have to relax her before he could even think about touching her there.

A good orgasm or three oughta do it. Resisting the urge to rub his hands together in glee, he waited for her to come out of the bathroom.