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Payment Series: A Dark Non-Consent Story

Payment Series - Prized - Book #1

Prized book cover

Publisher: C-Squared Publishing (May 3, 2014)

After agreeing to a one-year term of service with a benefactor who can pay her debt, Catrina Carter begins training in how to please a man. But will a benefactor be willing to spend such an astronomical sum—one hundred and fifty thousand dollars—just to have her for a year? She’s about to find out.

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Payment Series - Possessed - Book #2

Possessed book cover

Publisher: C-Squared Publishing (May 3, 2014)

Jared, Catrina’s “benefactor”, has agreed to pay off her debt in exchange for one year of service to him. In addition to taking his own pleasure with her, Jared offers Catrina to friends, colleagues, and even total strangers on his whim. But it’s not all fun and pleasure for Jared. As part of the agreement, he’s tasked with helping Catrina get her life back on track. He’ll succeed even if he has to spank every piece of financial information into her, and he finds he just might have to do that.

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Payment Series - Purgatory - Book #3

Purgatory book cover

Publisher: C-Squared Publishing (May 3, 2014)

Catrina has finished her year-long term of service to Jared, her benefactor, who paid all her debt off. Now she's on her own again. Will she be able to keep the lessons Jared literally spanked into her topmost in her mind, or will old habits rear their designer heads?

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Payment Series - Boxed Set

Payment series boxed set book cover

Publisher: C-Squared Publishing (May 3, 2014)

Catrina Carter is in over her head. Way over her head. She’s in debt and, short of bankruptcy, which wouldn’t happen fast enough to pay the creditors nipping at her heels, Catrina has few choices. Eviction is coming any day, and even though she traded in her great car for a “more affordable” model, it's about to be repossessed too. Catrina goes to Debt Management Associates, or DMA, for help.

The cost for DMA's help is something she never thought she could pay, but out of options, Catrina agrees to serve a man who pays her debt in full, and begins training in how to please him. Jared. Her new benefactor. He is tasked with helping Catrina get her life back on track, in addition to taking his pleasure with her and ordering her to oblige friends, colleagues, and even total strangers sexually on his whim.

When Catrina leaves the DMA program after her one year term of service, will she be able to keep the lessons Jared literally spanked into her topmost in her mind, or will old habits rear their designer heads?

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Carly from The Romance Reviews said: 5 stars! Top Pick! Full of dark erotic sensuality, hard-core BDSM with a sharp edge, and is both mentally and emotionally challenging. While the graphic sexual situations, debasement, and extreme themes may not appeal to mainstream readers, I found it to be a uniquely written and highly entertaining story. The noticeable lack of internal dialogue and emotional expression challenge readers to submerge themselves into Catrina's charter. By putting yourself in her place, the question emerges; "What would I be willing to sacrifice for freedom, and what would I do if the cost of being free is to be owned by another?" Cassandra Carr presents her readers with a series unlike any other in her line, and its complexity captivated me from the very beginning.

Karen from KarenBlueReviews said: 5 stars! This book had me drawn in by the second page. The Payment Series is written so well I couldn’t put it down and finished the whole series in 3 days, in the middle of my workweek. This is just a really great book about how everything is for sale. Selling rights to your body to get money is not a new concept. Getting out of debt by an organization that caters to those that willing to buy and sell, is genius. Cassandra Carr is an excellent writer and her details give just enough without spoon feeding the scene to her readers. This book turned me on. It was a somewhat disturbing read, in a delicious way. I would definitely recommend this book (or the whole series, as it is a boxed set) and this author.

Shan from JustMyBookReviews said: 5 stars! This is an extremely well written box set! The author's imagination is just mind blowing! I would definitely recommend to other fans of erotica.

Anne from DirtyGirlGoodBooks said: A story that made me think and think and think some more. This story was raw, graphic, and gritty and made me cringe at multiple times. [It] gets full marks for making me think and see things a bit differently. I’m going to be looking into more by Cassandra Carr, because I would love it if she was able to write a romance that made me think as much as this one did.

Kerry from Romance in the Highlands said: WOW, what a book! DMA, what a concept! Catrina & Jared, what a couple (ok I wouldn't exactly call them a couple)! Although this is a very dark book and the characters are very unemotional almost cold with each other, you do catch glimses through out the story of "something more" between them. No definitely NOT an HEA, but there is a spark of something. If you are into dark, erotic, hard & heavy sexual situations with no HEA, you will like this series!

Jet from Book Devotee Reviews said: This read is definitely one that might be too much for some, it is intense and pushes the boundaries that is characteristic of the dark erotic genre. Though it is a fantastic read that is wonderfully written, the way Catrina was used/shared was almost too much for me to overcome and deal with. Which I suppose is testament to the writing powers of Cassandra Carr, getting me so attached to the female lead. I could not stop reading this set once I started, staying up past midnight to find out how it would all end. I would say if you are a lover of the romance genre and looking for another romance, this would not be one for you to pick up, though if you are acquainted with the dark erotic genre and enjoy it definitely give this one a read. I give this a rating of four stars.