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Short Stories & Novellas


Hooking Hannah

hooking hannah cover

Publisher: C-Squared Publishing, Feb 3, 2015

Watching her twin sister deal with being a hockey wife putting up with moves across the country and injuries has made Hannah Howard determined not to date hockey players. Ever. When she’s introduced to gorgeous center Scott Richards after an all-star game, though, her resolution is tested. She's pushed into going out with him afterward, but as their chemistry rockets off the charts that night, Hannah begins to wonder if her hands off hockey players rule is about to go up in smoke.

Scott, a star playing for New York, is tired of puck bunnies and playing the field and longs for that home and family stuff he’s heard about. When he spots stunning Hannah across the room, those visions start solidifying in his head and he becomes determined to win her over, using his best techniques both in and out of bed to snag her for his future. Hannah's reticence means some fancy footwork, though, and not the kind he’s used to on the ice.

Now Hannah must decide if Scott is worth the worry and uncertainty that comes with dating a player. Scott, for his part, needs to go after the most important goal of his life: making Hannah his forever.

NOTE: This title was previously released as part of the Seduced by the Game charity bundle.

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The Eloquent Jock

The Eloquent Jock

Publisher: C-Squared Publishing, January 13, 2015

Originally released as part of the Campus Cravings bundle in 2014, now available as a stand-alone novella complete with BRAND-NEW 4,000+ word, 11-page short story. Hockey jock and English Lit major Brendan knows he's gay, but hasn't come out to anyone, fearing a possible backlash. Then he's tapped to be a TA for a hot professor and feels an immediate connection. Now he must decide how much he's willing to risk to score the ultimate goal.

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Mari from BayouBookJunkie said: I liked this story, I think Brendan and Scott worked well together, once both of them decided to give it a try. They had chemistry and had many things in common, which I liked. I loved Tyler, Brendan's roommate and best friend, and I loved seeing a cameo of Edwin and Ollie from Winning Bracket by Annabeth Albert. All in all, it was an enjoyable read.

Civilian Master

civilan master cover

Publisher: C-Squared Publishing, January 27, 2015

Clay’s home for some R&R after a Special Ops mission goes terribly wrong. Can Flynn help him find his true self?

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Kristy from 3ChicksAfterDark said: I admire the authors that go for it and bring an awesome BDSM story. I love that this BDSM story was full of some intense BDSM kink! Behind all this yummy BDSM play is a sweet little relationship that is waiting to blossom. I love that Flynn really puts himself out there! He was a caring Dom. Forceful when needed but also a calming force for Clay. There was no way Clay could not submit and try to please Flynn. He was also getting the release he needed from the stress and fear of that dreadful last mission. Flynn is a machine, knowing just what Clay needs to fly. Clay is open, willing and completely submissive to Flynn. It’s gives him balance and release. HOT as hades BDSM with love and adoration added in to really bring on the feels! The additional material will melt your fingers to your e-reader, it’s that hot!

Jenn from 2bibliophiles said: Flynn knew right away what Clay needed and how to give it to him. I love the relationship between Clay and Flynn. I loved watching the scenes with them and the love. I was thrilled when Cassandra added the epilogue and we got to see the couple get their HEA. I am a sucker for HEA and a fan of Cassandra's.

Angie from Wicked Reads said: This was a great story and I loved Clay and Flynn and was cheering them on right from the start. The characters were well written and believable.

Vanessa from The Jeep Diva said: Cassandra Carr has given readers the whole deal in a short sexy and extremely hot package. The fact that Clay and Flynn know each other and have a past allows for the quick pace to feel real and not rushed. The secret thoughts and desires make it all the more enjoyable. The romance is hot and the sex is kinky. Clay and Flynn make for a great couple. Their story is perfect if you’re looking for short and sexy.

Michelle at LiteratureLiteHouse said: Super Hot erotic M/M BDSM romance. Cassandra car did an excellent job on this one. It captured my attention from the beginning and kept me interested throughout the book. Her descriptive writing kept the imagination flowing and the erotic content left me squirming in my seat...

Nanee from Up All Night Read All Day said: I enjoyed the characters in this story, I loved these guys I thought their relationships was well written, I felt the author gave enough background for me to feel for these two characters and hope for their happiness together. I thought it was on the shorter side but packed a lot of sexy, I enjoyed it, thought it was sweet and sexy and great characters.

Always The Quiet Ones

always the quiet ones cover

Publisher: C-Squared Publishing (November 17, 2014)

King of the geeks Marty Johnston has a serious crush on his co-worker Elizabeth. The principal IT consultant wants more than just a flirtation, but guilt over a one-night-stand-but-maybe-more Marty had on his last business trip before meeting Elizabeth could cost him his big chance with the girl of his dreams. He’s comfortable dealing with computers, not people. Can he step way outside his comfort zone to sort things out, or will he lose the one he’s falling for?

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Empress DJ from Books and Bidings said: A funny and quick little novella that is actually realistic for a somewhat naughty little tale. The main male character is not an Adonis with the perfect 6 pack, bulging biceps, or gigantic/large penis. I haven’t read a book with a normal looking man with an average sized sacred member in years! After a dry spell, our man gets lucky twice in one week, much to his surprise. There were humorous little comments, insightful inner musings, and a few hot little scenarios that bring a smile to my lips. Easy to finish during a lunch break if you’d like to add a little zing to your meal.

T-Bone from Crystal's Many Reviews said: I have read other books from this author and have enjoyed them all but I have to say this one is probably the one I would use the words charming and hot when describing. I give the author credit for not pretending that this book was meant to be anything but an entertaining escape with some intriguing characters. The ending was very sudden, short and sweet and really kind of unique. I think it was fitting for this book overall. If you just need a little peace and quiet mixed in with some adorable moments and hot passion, run and get your copy of this book today.

Pure Jonel said: I quite enjoy Carr’s writing style. The easy flow of words lets you in to the world that she creates. Carr writes with a light and easy writing style that connects you directly to the main character. The major characters are surprisingly well developed in the here and now for such a short story. As a whole, this was a quick & enjoyable read that would be great if you’re just looking for a little taste of something hot.

Burning Love (Calendar Men)

Burning Love Calendar Men cover

Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company, LLC (July 29, 2014)

Firefighter Jude Mason is hurt on the job and placed on disability. While he rehabs his injuries, doubts start creeping in. What if he never heals? Worse than that, is the question he barely dares to contemplate—what will he do for work if he can never go back to the station? Firefighting is all he knows.

Michaela owns a café and lives her life with the constant threat of her business failing. She works long hours making her restaurant a success, leaving little time for romance. And who would want her anyway? She’s far from model-thin, for one thing. Sure, she’d like to have someone to share the good times and bad with, but her prospects are few, so she concentrates on her job rather than bemoaning her complete lack of a love life.

A collision at a photo shoot brings Jude and Michaela together. They both feel the pull, but with Jude’s uncertain future and Michaela’s nonstop job, can they find common ground? If they’re lucky, Jude and Michaela might discover a future that burns brighter with true love.

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Long and Short Reviews said: From page one, firefighter Jude Mason grabbed my heart and wouldn’t let go. Ms. Carr begins the story with a vivid description of his feelings and emotions that truly made me feel sorry for him. The story was enjoyable and the sex was also hot (their first kiss is epic and the scene in her office is sizzling). All in all, Burning Love by Cassandra Carr is an entertaining, quick and pleasant read.

Terri from Night Owl Reviews said: 4.5/5 stars! Top Pick! While somewhat sweet, there are some steamy scenes in this romance. Neither character is prefect but they seem perfect for each other and keeping their hands where they belong becomes a challenge, one neither is working hard at. I really enjoyed this story and it highlights Cassandra Carr’s writing style well. It does stand alone so you don’t have to start with January. This is a great feel good story that would be excellent for anytime you need a pick me up or just want to relax with love.


turnaround cover

Publisher: C-Squared Publishing (January 15, 2014)

Becca and James don't date. Both are in their thirties and neither has found anyone they feel is potential spouse material. Becca attends a "We Hate Valentine's Day" party at a local bar where James is bartending. He knows from the first day they meet that Becca is someone special, but Becca's more cautious. James sets out to prove to Becca there really are happy-ever-afters.

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Nix from Scorching Book Reviews said: I liked both of the characters within this book which made reading their romance easy. I enjoyed this Valentines themed novella; it was short, sweet and light. The romance was fluffy and left me with a case of the warm and fuzzies. It was however, a very effective as a light and heart-warming read. Overall, if you need a short and sweet pick-me-up, this could be one for you. With cute characters and an easy-to-follow plot, I read this one quickly and did so with a smile.

J Annas from Romance and More said: 5 stars! There is a good deal of sexual tension in this short. The conflicts aren't really external. It's all about waiting for just the right person to share that happily-ever-after with and waiting for the sparks to fly. Their first encounter leaves you panting for the next, but I won't spoil the surprise by telling you what happens! I give Cassandra Carr's well written Valentine's Day short story a full 5 stars!

Sarah from Sarah Says Read Romance said: This story didn't disappoint in any way. I fell in love with James and Becca during the midst of a blizzard that was happening in Buffalo. The steaminess of this story made the negative temps that much more bearable since I was in the comfort of my own home.

Jet from BookDevotee Reviews said: Definitely one of the better Valentines themed reads out there. Though it was only a short read you get plenty of story and information so you don’t feel like anything has been left out and it didn’t feel rushed at all. Cassandra Carr always manages to write interesting, enthralling characters that suck you in and make you wish for their happiness right until the end. This is an ideal read for those who like romance with a bit of spice that isn’t over the top.

A Drunken Druid said: I liked how the author allowed both of them to be realistic about the relationship. Truly enjoyed this one - characters were developed within an interesting plot . Cassandra Carr has another fan! I could not put my kindle down! Perfect for Valentine's Day.

Sizzling Shorts

sizzling shorts cover

Publisher: C-Squared Publishing (September 28, 2013)

From Amazon #1 bestselling author Cassandra Carr, two erotic short stories:


A desperate, unhappy wife takes a chance and describes her ultimate fantasy to her husband. The future of their marriage hangs in the balance as she waits to see if he's willing to fulfill it.


After returning to her hometown for her winter break from college, a woman must decide whether or not to take the next step in a relationship with her co-worker.

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Terri from Night Owl Reviews said: Sizzling Shorts is exactly what the title says, two short stories that sizzle. They are totally different but highlight Ms. Carr’s writing style. Together the stories don’t even make 30 pages but each page is sizzling so expect a lot jammed into those few pages. Need a quickie……look no further.

Gaele from The Jeep Diva said: Perfect for a quick before bedtime read. Written with the right mix of emotional connection and willingness to please and experiment, [Saved] was my favorite of the two in both emotional and sexual intensity. For a quick and hot read, or even something to use as impetus as a new role-play fantasy, [Circling] was a winner too!

Jet from BookDevoteeReviews said: 4 and a half stars! Two great little short reads that I would recommend to anyone looking for a quick hit of heat in a read. Cassandra Carr has become one of my favourite authors out there. Her reads have some spice to them, have characters that you will love and plots that are realistic and that will leave you wanting more.

Donna from You Gotta Read said: Super short but sizzling hot, these two quickies are sure to please. There is just enough story to make it interesting, and plenty enough sex to keep you drooling.

Sizzling Shorts 2

Sizzling Shorts Volume 2

Publisher: C-Squared Publishing; 1 edition August 10, 2014

Sizzling Shorts, volume 2, featuring two stories around 10k each.

Take Me at the Ballgame

Sports writer JT Lovejoy has a chance that’s too good for a middle-aged, divorced guy to pass up—bedding a hot young intern. Of course, there might never be a bed involved, since all the steamy action goes down in the press box. Not that JT’s complaining. How can he, when a beautiful woman offers herself with no commitment? If he’s smart, he won’t question his luck. And JT is a smart man.

Birthday Boy

Johnny Quinn’s not thrilled about creeping ever closer to forty, and the loud, thumping bass in the dance club his girlfriend Steffi has dragged him to on his birthday isn’t helping. Then she makes a bold suggestion. She wants to have sex in the middle of the club. After picking his jaw up from the floor, Johnny agrees. But that’s not all—Steffi’s got more sexy surprises in store. Johnny’s not sure any birthday could top this year’s, and he’s left wondering what Steffi will do to make him an even happier birthday boy next year.

These stories were previously released by another publisher.

The badges below were awarded to Birthday Boy upon it's initial release.

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For Birthday Boy:

Marie from The Jeep Diva said: From start to finish, this erotic short story is packed with scenes that make you hum in all of the right places. It’s Johnny’s birthday and his girlfriend, Steffi has plenty of sexy surprises in store. Exploring exhibitionism by having sex in a club, oral sex in the car, to the intense pleasures of anal sex, these two characters share one heck of a hot night! Extremely well written from Johnny’s point of view, this quick and erotic read from EC’s for Men collection is a treat for any fan of the genre, male or female.

Annette from RomFan Reviews said: 4.5/5 hunks! Yes, this was written as part of Ellora’s Cave new EC for Men line but trust me women will enjoy it just as much. If looking for a quick, hot, fun and no emotional roller coaster read then you must read Birthday Boy. I thoroughly enjoyed this story that I made a quick read of it and it will stay on my e-reader to read again when I need something fun and enjoyable.

Elf from Night Owl Reviews said: 4.5/5 stars! Top Pick! A quick, steamy, intensely carnal read about a woman making some of her lover's fantasies come true.

Jet from Book Devotee Reviews said: What a sexy little story! This may be an Ellora’s Cave for Men read but I sure enjoyed it, steamy and enticing. The public scene was rather hot, and I liked the contrast between Steffi’s confidence here and her hesitation when she tries something she is unsure of later back at home with Johnny. I have read other books from Carr but didn’t know she also wrote stories that catered to men. After all, they need spicy stories too. So if you are a man out there who likes to read a bit of erotica I’d suggest giving Cassandra Carr a go, or even if you are female and looking for a hot quickie this would be one to try.

Buffy from My Secret Romance Reviews said: I love when an author can make even a “quickie” feel kind of deep emotionally and that’s what Cassandra Carr has done. This book has vivid characters in a sweet relationship all about give and take, and the entire scenario, both at the club and at home afterwards, is blazing. If you’re looking for a quick, fun read full of heat with a dash of sweetness, look no further!

For Take Me At the Ballgame:

Michelle from Night Owl Reviews said: The scenes are engaging and neither of [the characters] comes across in any negative way. On the contrary, JT shows a refreshingly positive side defending Sydney when another person spots them in a compromising position and attempts to make the most of his discovery. Neither JT nor Sydney expect more from each other than what they have at that moment, and what they have is some well-written sexual encounters that made reading Take Me At The Ballgame a brief but enjoyable treat.

Jennifer from Romance Novel News said: This is a very short story that certainly focuses primarily on the sex. The language is cruder than that used in women’s erotic fiction, especially when describing JT’s thoughts – which is entirely what I would expect in a story geared for men. I had reservations when I agreed to read and review this story. Would it hold any appeal? Would I be turned off by it? Ultimately, my concerns were unfounded. This is an erotic story featuring the male point of view. There is no happily ever after, but neither is the ending bad. It comes across as a happy for now (although that isn’t required for this line). As I mentioned, the language seems more matter of fact, a bit cruder, and there is a marked emphasis on male sexual pleasure, especially of the oral variety. Yet, this doesn’t mean that women can’t enjoy the story. In some ways, it was nice to know that there would be no real emotional turmoil. JT does worry a bit about whether or not he is taking advantage of Sydney, and this does a lot to make him a sympathetic hero. Judging by “Take Me at the Ballgame,” there is nothing inherently repellent to women in the stories. Yet, I think they will naturally appeal more to men. So, mission accomplished, yes?

Nix from Scorching Book Reviews said: I think this definitely has a target audience for men, and probably female hard-core erotica fans, as it is a hot little read with good writing and lots and lots of sex. If you have a man with an eReader, or even a wife who is into heavy Erotica, I recommend that you have a look at this line. They are light on the pocket and heavy on the sex content. What could be a better investment for your sex life?

Lucy from EroticaforAll said: This is a great fun story. All about a older guy and a young woman misbehaving in their workplace - it's seriously sexy and very, very naughty. Well-written and incredibly erotic, I may not be a man but this story still hit the spot for me.

Liz from Fictional Candy said: It is a fast paced romp, and it delivers exactly on some erotic semi-public antics. It’s a perfect little story to read when you don’t have much time but you want to get a big reward for the time spent. Cassandra Carr is really among the finest in the genre. She writes a story so thrilling and titillating that you can’t stand to put it down until you are finished. And that goes for a shorter story like Take Me At The Ballgame just as it does for some of her longer books, like Impact. In this story she has managed to inject all the elements of a full length novel without compromising anything. This one has the intimacy, the drama, the smoking hot sex… you can’t go wrong. I definitely recommend this story, go out and read it right away.

Patti from Romancing the Book said: It was entertaining and light but definitely very hot. I enjoyed this book. It is definitely written with men as a target audience. You won’t find any drama, mind games, lies, manipulation or any hidden agendas here. This is pure sex straight up, isn’t that what men want? There is no real romance in this story, it is about two adults who know what they want and don’t have a problem going after it. I enjoyed the story very much and the characters were very likable. It is a great fast, fun, hot read. The scenes were well written and this will be going on my recommended reading list. If you are looking for a short, light, sexy story this is one you should consider.

RT Book Reviews said: SHE SAID- “Take Me at the Ballgame” by Cassandra Carr is my favorite story from the group of novellas [we reviewed] because it is the most realistic. It’s nice that [JT]’s modest since I was expecting a more macho hero. HE SAID- I think that the male fantasy in this story is spot on. “Take Me at the Ballgame” knocks it right out of the park.

Sizzling Hot Books says: Take Me at the Ballgame is a fast passed story that is a part of the Ellora’s Cave for Men series. When reading the story, you can definitely tell that it is written for a male audience with the choice of language and the “no-strings attached” policy between the characters. They are both out to service their needs, not have a relationship. Take Me at the Ballgame is a sexy read, meant to inflame and titillate the reader. After all, which guy wouldn’t love to have a sweet young girl hot for him. I really enjoyed the baseball references and the idea of two people finding pleasure together without all the complications of a relationship. If you enjoy a steamy read, filled with sex in public places where it’s all about the pleasure and not the relationship, than Take Me at the Ballgame is for you!

Marketing Matters - Top Ten Tips To Achieve Discoverability In The New Age Of Publishing

Marketing Matters cover

Publisher: C-Squared Publishing (September 28, 2013)

Cassandra Carr, an author of more than twenty-five works who also has fifteen years of marketing experience and an MBA, offers writers ten tips for marketing in the new age of publishing. The book is written in a concise, easy-to-understand format aimed at either beginning writers or any writer who struggles with marketing and promoting themselves and their books.

If the idea of promotion leaves you in a cold sweat, let an author who's been there and has the track record to prove it guide you on the simplest path to discoverability.

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On Display

on display book cover main

Publisher: C-Squared Publishing - February 07, 2016

Hunter wants Olivia, and the feeling is mutual. She decides to take her secret attraction public and show up at the club where he’s bouncing, ready to lay everything on the line to snag him. Hunter can’t believe his luck, and soon makes his own move on the woman he’s lusted after for months. Things heat up between them during an exciting—and exhibitionist—evening that leaves them both anticipating more sexy times to come.

Note: Previously released by another publisher.

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Shyla from Romancing the Book said: Ms. Carr delivers a sexy short that left me wondering about what happens in dimly light hidey holes in clubs. A blend of humor and sensuality, On Display, stars Hunter, and Olivia, two characters who feel as real as you and me. Masculine, yet, thoughtful and well-mannered, Hunter was one hell of a catch. His sense of humor and work ethic had me on his side from page one. I loved watching Olivia break out of her shell as she pushed her shyness aside to take a risk. This is great if you’re looking for a sizzling short story with a soul.

Michelle from Ms. Romantic Reads said: If you’re looking for a quick, steamy read without drama, this is the story for you. Although the blurb mentions an exhibitionist evening, it was tame and not off-putting (if having someone or several someones watch a couple engaging in sex isn’t your cup of tea).

Terrie from Night Owl Reviews said: 4 and a half stars! Top Pick! This story is a quickie but oh so good. Hunter and Olivia have been checking each other out for months but neither are making a move. With the help of her roommate and friend, Olivia takes her chances of attracting Hunters attention at the club where he’s a bouncer and things heat up from there. It’s amazing on what can happen on a break! Hot and steamy are great adjectives to describe this story. Prepare to get carried away along with Hunter and Olivia as their attraction explodes into something they could have only dreamed about.

Iris from BTS E-Magazine said: On Display is a prime example of when great characters and a great story meet. Although a short in length, this hot and steamy read is both sexy and entertaining. Cassandra Carr will leave you satisfied and wishing for more. A definite must read for lovers of erotic contemporary romance.

Power Shift

power shift book cover

C-Squared Publishing LLC -January 20, 2015 (Previously released by another publisher)

Sometimes a wife has to go to extreme measures to save her marriage. When Cissy Holden doesn't feel appreciated, she takes matters into her own hands and introduces her wayward husband Len to a new way of life wherein she makes the decisions--and the rules. Will Len give up control or has Cissy just made the biggest mistake of her life?

Jeep Diva revved up read badgenight owl guilty pleasuresLASR 5 star rating graphic

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Jim from BDSM Book Reviews said: The premise of Cassandra Carr’s Unexpected Top is a unique variation of a couple’s entrée into a female-led relationship. This story is more than just an object lesson designed to demonstrate the virtues of femdom relationships. It also addresses in a very general way the issues that undermine relationships over time. While the FLR solution offered is plausible, it is simply illustrative of the give and take and creative thinking that is necessary for relationships to succeed. Readers who are curious about or involved in the BDSM lifestyle likely will find the realistically portrayed scenarios in Unexpected Top interesting and erotic.

Peppermint from Long and Short Reviews said: 5 stars! While this is a BDSM story, it is more about the empowerment of women and a couple’s struggle to find balance in their changed relationship. The author was able to demonstrate this aspect of growth in a way that was relatable as well as fascinating. I can say that from the very beginning the author had my attention and held it until the end. I could have continued reading on and on about Cissy and Len rediscovered themselves as well as each other. While I learned about Cissy and Len’s relationship I discovered more about myself as well. That is why this story of self discovery will be added to my read again list, and I would enthusiastically recommend it to others to read.

Donna from RT Book Reviews said: 4.5 stars! Carr's story of rekindled love is tender without becoming maudlin. She excels at fitting a well-rounded story into this brief format. It is fun to watch the protagonists grow as a couple.

Jacquie from the Jeep Diva said: 5 stars! Revved Up Read! This book was great! Author Cassandra Carr has done a fabulous job of presenting two wonderful characters with all their flaws and insecurities. The honesty of their emotions completely drew me in. Unexpected Top was definitely a book where you are cheering for both sides. This was such a page turner for me I hated to see it end. I really look forward to reading more from Cassandra Carr. Unexpected Top was definitely a winner!

Donna from You Gotta Read said: Kudos to Cissy who was able to take control of her husband, even though she is not dominant in the least. Some of the things that she experienced in the book are easy to relate to, and I applaud the author for presenting a common problem and unique solution while “saving a marriage”. A good story for those feminists out there who want to take charge of their men, and an entertaining read for the rest of us.

Victoria from Two Lips Reviews said: 4.5 / 5 stars. I loved how Cassandra Carr didn’t just write a short bump-and-grind story in Unexpected Top. Using playful banter and great dialogue, Cissy and Len explore what feels good to them while challenging what society says their rightful ‘roles’ should be. Through his journey with Cissy, Len realizes he’s been very selfish to his wife and revels in letting her take control in bed. Bravo, Ms. Carr, in writing a realistic story where one couple who’ve lost their way incorporate kink into their relationship and rediscover their love for each other.

Jet from Book Devotee Reviews said: 5/5 stars! Such a great short little read. I love the progression and how Cissy and Len found a steamy way to reconnect as a couple and save their marriage, how Len found the courage to speak up for what he wanted and Cissy found the strength to go after what she needed from him. I like how this was about a female dominant, but it wasn’t overly done or on the more extreme level, so if you are just starting onto sub/dom reads this would be a great choice. I found this read to be refreshing and enjoyable, my only wish is that it had been longer, I would have loved to see what other lengths Len would go to get his rewards from Cissy. This was my first FLR read, and I will definitely be on the look out for more reads with this concept.

Tara from The Book Babe said: 5/5 stars! Now, THIS is what I call the ultimate female fantasy. Finally a BDSM book featuring a male and female relationship I can dig. Nice change. Five star, fabulous, naughty, but totally full of female empowerment read. I'd love more of these.

Nix from Scorching Book Reviews said: This isn’t BDSM in the way that I have ever read before. It isn’t FemDom but I love a manly submissive. That setup is always hotter to me and this one definitely did provide. This is very good novella from a very good author. Its unfamiliar storyline hooked me in and I really would like to read more. It was fun, sexy and very, very dirty.

Buffy from My Secret Romance Book Reviews said: A lot of times, romance books are about a new couple or a reunited couple, so it’s refreshing to read stories about a married couple. One of the things that really stands out for me in this book is that research is done to fix a stale marriage. Overall, Unexpected Top is truly a beautiful story about getting that spark back. Naturally it’s also a very sexy story and sex plays a large part, but it’s the emotion behind it that leaves an impact. The most important part to me is how much I appreciate the authenticity of the story. Definitely a really great read!

Terrie from Night Owl Reviews said: 4.5/5 stars! Top Pick! Absolutely loved this story from beginning to end. Cissy and Len felt like a real couple with a real problem. The emotions that came across the page kept me interested and involved. I wanted to laugh, cry and cheer at different points but always wanted this couple to figure it out. This may not be an extremely long story but it has a big impact.

AlexJouJou from Manic Readers said: I loved how the relationship evolved in Unexpected Top and how they both reacted to it. Overall this is such a unique idea it doesn't need a lot else in it.


caught book

Published By: C-Squared Publishing

Released: Feb 25, 2014

When Callie returns to her hometown for the holidays she comes face to face with her old lover and Dominant Jack. She left him three years ago believing he could never be the happily-ever-after man she needed. Yet Jack still wants her and she finds herself wanting to submit to him again.

As Jack and Callie explore their Dominant/submissive relationship, Callie gets drawn deep into Jack’s world all over again. For his part, Jack can’t seem to forget how she nearly ruined him when she took off without even saying good-bye all those years ago, but he’s afraid his baser needs will destroy Callie. Can Callie give Jack another chance to prove he can be what she needs? Can Jack overcome his own fears and claim Callie forever?

LR Winner

Caught was named the Best BDSM Book of 2011 by LoveRomancesCafe in their Best of 2011 Awards! Thanks so much to everybody who voted! I am eternally grateful!

all romance e book best seller badge

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Carly from Carly's Book Reviews said: An intensely written BDSM/fetish romance that delves deeply into the dark side of the lifestyle. When two imperfect people are drawn together irresistibly sparks fly, emotions run high, and the potential rewards far outweigh the risks.

Laura from A Reader Lives a Thousand Lives said: Though the two main characters were in a dom/sub relationship, the story really seemed to be about them reconciling that side of their life together with the other potential side, for romanticism and a real relationship. I thought that it was interesting that at the point which the shift towards that happened there was a shift in the writing, going from referring to Jack by his name, rather than by Master, in Callie's inner monologue. One of the things that struck me as well captured was the heat of the honeymoon stage of a relationship; the feelings and emotions that lead to people tearing each others' clothes off as opposed to talking like they should do.

Krista from A Passion for Romance said: Talk about HOT! Caught is a quick contemporary read with Characters you can believe who engage in with some great sex scenes. I'm not always a big fan of BDSM but it wasn't overbearing in this story, very well written. Cassandra Carr is a top notch, I-have-to-read-more-from-her author that will permanently be on my list! 5 stars!!

Susan from The Romance Studio said: 5 hearts! Within the span of just the first few pages, Jack and Callie's attraction catches fire. Their connection is sure and strong. I like that neither struggles with who and what they are. Their sexual identities are not in question. It's outside of scenes that they both struggle. The author has allowed both characters to 'speak' and the result is a skillfully written, emotionally satisfying look at a D/s relationship. I loved seeing the relationship from Jack's perspective and experiencing his doubts about himself. Very refreshing in the BDSM genre. Although a fairly short story, it never feels rushed. Callie and Jack blossom before our eyes. The sex is steamy hot and their connection intense. This is my first book by Ms.Carr but it won't be my last.

Victoria from TwoLips Reviews said: 4.5 lips! You’ll enjoy a story of a lost and rekindled love in Cassandra Carr’s Caught. You have to love a Dom who can admit the error of his ways. Ms. Carr blends highly erotic D/s play with emotional scenes in Caught, as Callie and Jack finally bare their souls and are honest with what they want in a relationship. Ms. Carr is definitely an author I’m going to read more of for steamy BDSM stories that explore D/s in a realistic way.

Lace from BlackRaven's Reviews said: Caught by Cassandra Carr is powerful, intense, and definitely not for the faint of heart.What amazed me the most about Caught is Ms. Carr’s knowledge in describing each of the scenes that at times have a dark feel to them, but in a good way. I felt myself right there along with Callie. Ms. Carr did an amazing job with the last scene. There were some intense moments that made Caught feel like a dark BDSM, but truly that is what I think made this book an awesome read. If you like you’re BDSM a touch darker make sure you pick up Caught by Cassandra Carr. You will be glad that you did.

Ashleigh from JustEroticRomanceReviews said: Caught was a great book, with believable characters and a wonderful story line. The story of Jack and Callie was one that I truly enjoyed reading, and found that the story wrapped around my brain so easily that I read it several times prior to writing this review. The sex scenes in this book were not only true to form for the BDSM lifestyle, but they were hot enough to keep me wanting to read more and more. I had never read a book by Ms. Carr, but I was blown away by this one. Not only did the storyline draw you in, but the mix of the BDSM lifestyle would overheat anyone! Caught was a great tale to read and I can’t wait to read more works by her.

Alberta of Manic Readers said: Lots of conflict, differing goals that must mesh before story’s end, plus lots of good sex. Can Jack convince Callie to stay? Can he give up even an iota of his dominance to let Callie see how much she means to him? Caught is an interesting little story, with two people wanting the same thing, but seemingly unable to articulate that to each other.

Coffee Beans & Love Scenes said: What can I say? I do love to read about BDSM sometimes. I will say though, this one is not the cuddly kind of BDSM that you sometimes find out there. This one is gritty, sizzling and just plain hot. What a pleasure to see both sides of this story. With both of their voices you could grasp more of the turmoil and passion. They have always loved each other and now with their second chance, you are on the edge of your seat wondering how Ms. Carr was going to pull it off. The scenes are hot and heavy, and be warned Jack enjoys verbal humiliation, but Callie loves it! So sit back and enjoy this steamy tidbit into BDSM. You won’t be disappointed.

Ronda from Queentutt's World of Escapism said: The writing is smooth and as you read you can tell the author did a lot of research into the BDSM world. The author did a great job at capturing both roles between the characters. Great read!

M Whelehan from Night Owl Reviews said: I loved the scenes that they did together. The author was very descriptive when it came to the scenes. She made you feel like you were in the same playroom with her characters. I totally loved that Jake wanted all out to show that he was serious about Callie not leaving him.

Nix from Scorching Book Reviews said: This is a short story at 75 pages long, but it surely packed a punch. Jack is very much a Dom. He was a very commanding presence and, as a Dom, I thought he was quite dreamy. Overall this was a rather dark BDSM book with heavy influence on the S and M. I really enjoyed the interactions between the two leads and I really felt I got to know them over the course of the story. The sex scenes were hot, with the climactic scene raising the bar and being quite awesome. It isn’t for the faint of heart, but I recommend it to anyone who likes their BDSM rather dark.

Jennifer from Romance Novel News said: Looking for a sexy, holiday read with BDSM elements? Definitely consider Cassandra Carr’s “Caught”. “Caught” is definitely not for those who don’t appreciate heavy BDSM elements in their erotic romance. However, it is a great choice for those who do. It is a quick read (ie short), one that packs a serious punch. It definitely made quite an impression on me.

Jennifer from The Book Nympho said: Caught is a nice holiday themed slap and tickle read, HEAVY on the slap. Callie goes to a holiday party to see some old college buddies and is surprised to see her old flame, Jack. Jack is just as surprised to see her at the party as well. One thing leads to another and they find themselves falling back into their old route of dom and sub. Caught is not just another BDSM read with only hot sex. There is a real connection between Callie and Jack outside his playroom. They are just afraid that the other doesn’t feel the same way about them. If you enjoy your BDSM reads with nice dose of heart, read Caught by Cassandra Carr. I know it put me in the mood.... for the holidays.

Diana from The Forbidden Bookshelf said: CAUGHT is a short and sexy holiday read from Cassandra Carr. CAUGHT is a steamy romance to heat up a cold winter's night! The sizzling hot chemistry between Jack and Callie quickly drew me in. They were both likable characters I could connect with, and I cared about the conflict between them. This story had the right amount of kinky sex to titillate, and the BDSM scenes were well done. If you're looking for an erotic "second chances" romance for the holidays, then CAUGHT is sure to please!

Book Addict from The Romance Reviews said: Ms. Carr is a new to me author and one I'm going to watch. I enjoyed her story. It was well written. I enjoyed the dynamics she employed between her main characters. Her BDSM was light and hot. Her D/s was nicely done.Ms. Carr showed how hard it is to talk about the next step in a relationship and the fear of rejection. I recommend this book to new-to-BDSM readers who enjoy lovers reunited for a happily ever after.