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If you would like to contact me about any of the workshops I offer, I'd be happy to speak with you! I am available for both in-person (within a reasonable distance of Western New York) or online classes. I am also available for keynote talks.

My e-mail address is Thank you for your interest!

Layering as an Editing Tool

Layering is the process of making your prose come alive through description and deeper point of view. Many writers - from beginners to those who've published multiple books - sometimes forget how important it is to add details to help the reader along. In this course, we'll talk about the different types of layering, when to use them, and give practice examples. There will also be short homework assignments with instructor feedback using your work in progress where you can try implementing layers.

Plotting for Pantsers

Most writers are not purely plotters or pantsers - oftentimes we're a variety of both depending on the situation. Each of us has one method that comes to us more naturally, though, and this course will help pantsers better understand where they might want to do some plotting beforehand and how to elements of plotting into their stories. Pantsers who try to ignore plotting altogether often end up with tangents, unnecessary subplots, and similar problems.

Writing for an Anthology - Do's, Don'ts, and Signs You Should Run

Participating in an anthology can be a great way to gain valuable exposure. You also get access to other authors, as well as publishers. In this workshop you will learn how to determine if a particular anthology is good for you and the nitty-gritty details you need to keep in mind once you've agreed. We'll also go through the process itself from acceptance to release.

Time Management for Writers

Who has enough time in this busy life to devote what they'd like to their writing? Even full-time writers still have to juggle family obligations, health issues, and a host of other time-suckers. In this course you'll learn how to carve more hours out of your day, some shortcuts if you only have a short time to write, and other valuable tips and tricks to take your time back.

Writing the Male/Male and Male/Male/Female Story

All romances have common elements, but particular challenges arise (like those pesky pronouns!) when you're writing MM or MMF. In this course, we'll learn about some ways to make your scenes shine, to create realistic plot elements, and to avoid tired storylines. The course will also cover the mechanics of writing these types of stories, since it varies from male/female storytelling.

Pinterest for Authors – Unlocking the Secrets with Cassandra Carr

Pinterest can be a great tool for authors to grow their audience and increase sales. But many authors are intimidated by the sheer magnitude of information and don't know what to do. In this workshop you will learn how to:

This is intended as a beginner course.

Writing Sports Romance

Sports romance is one of the fastest-growing subgenres, and this course will teach you how to write compelling, realistic stories. You’ll learn about the specific personality traits of elite athletes, what their day-to-day lives are like, how to describe the atmosphere in a locker room, and other details you’ll need to make your book the best it can be.